Pain easing…..

Since last Tuesday, I’ve been in some physical pain. Back, knees, shoulders, stomach and it’s no coincidence that was concurrent with the Peer Support Training I was doing. Some stored up memories were manifesting themselves in physical pain and the last week hasn’t been the best.

Today though, I feel a lot better. The pains have more or less subsided. I’ve been sleeping better. The exercising has been ok the last couple of days, though I had to cut yesterday’s session short as the top of my right leg was in agony. But it seems I’ve made that pain come to the surface, and it’s now gone. Drink of water before bed last night and a very decent night’s sleep too.

To give you an example of how I was feeling physically this last week, I noticed that my posture wasn’t great, I was hunched over and not in a good place. But those decisions taken to improve my mental well being have paid dividends. My posture has improved and am more upright and pain free. So mental health can impact on physical health. I have a colleague who is an expert on such matters and she will resonate with the comments made on here.

Much better today, and yes, time to exercise later. And that will be pain free!

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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