Now that felt tremendous…

One of the wristbands I wear signifies “NO SWEAT, NO GLORY”, procured from my weekend trip to Belgium this spring. There was plenty of sweat today, and a feeling of achievement.

Usually I move with all the elegance and grace of a knackered old car. Yesterday I could barely move at all, cutting my gym workout from an hour down to 35 minutes. Well today, it felt much better, and I tried to give myself small goals to achieve, either on the treadmill or the cycle. For example, I started off at a slow pace on the treadmill and gradually built up speed. The sweat was coming off me very nicely, keeping me cool, and the heart rate was improving from a mediocre 94 up to 108.

I’m in next to no pain, and I have a great feeling of achievement and enjoyment after that 50 minute session. I pay a small sum of money per month and don’t use the gym so instead of the money being wasted, let’s go and get fit. Stop these aches and pains and get rid of the spare tyre that masquerades as my stomach. Small, achievable goals. That would be on my own personal wristband. Good motivation.

Nice and busy in the gym today. Music playing in the background and a bank of TV’s showing the usual daytime fare. A few quiz games on which test the grey matter while I workout. A bit of mental awareness as well as physical. Can’t be bad.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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