Walking (and cycling) back to happiness……

Haven’t been to my local gym for some while now, and in that time, I’ve piled on the pounds with a generally apathetic approach to exercise while not eating terribly good food.

So while a spare tyre is enlarging around my waist, I decided today to get back to doing some exercise, not only to make myself better but to work off some of the stresses of the last few weeks. From previous experience, I’ll probably do a few weeks and then stop once more. That’s me, lacking motivation in certain areas.

Decided to cycle for 30 minutes and on the treadmill for 30 as well. Despite plenty of aches and pains of a 46 year old body, I pushed myself to do this today. And I shall do this for one month starting from today. Instead of sitting indoors twiddling my thumbs, looking at the four walls and eating comfort foods, let’s go and do something about the unfit state of my body.

It was good, and it was productive. Now I have to continue, motivated and driven, to complete one month and see how my weight is on the 13th September. As long as it heads downwards, I won’t feel as tired or sluggish as I sometimes do. All very obvious statements, but I need to push myself to feel better, physically and mentally. Healthy body, healthy mind. I don’t have either at the present time.

A good start. Looking forward to tomorrow.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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