Short on energy and temper…

After a decent day yesterday, today not so clever I’m afraid. The seeds were sown when I set off this morning for the third instalment of Peer Support Training.

It has been another exhaustingly hot day. I’ve felt so lacking in energy that all I’ve wanted to do is collapse into bed and stay there. Walking seems like hard work; my legs are like concrete and the heat just takes it out of you.

Then the problems. First of all, the train I was on was stuck behind another due to a fault. So my temper was a little frayed to begin with. Myself, along with three other colleagues had arranged to meet with another colleague who was going to take us. Trouble was, she got the meet point mixed up and we were left standing in the boiling sun for 45 minutes. There were some valid excuses for this, but me being me, I was not pleased. I even was thinking of going home, but got talked out of making a rash decision by one of the others.

I initially was peed off, but I kept my temper and tongue in check when (finally) we got in the car. We were only ten minutes late and found that we were one of the first few there. All that for nothing. We did the course in a sauna of a room that did nothing for people’s temper and concentration. Lots of people were mentally and physically shot by the end, and it’s a wonder that nobody fell asleep. A day that will not go down as terribly memorable.

Heat and tiredness don’t mix. I eventually had a chat with the person taking us today and it’s evident that I should make allowances for things going wrong. I’m pretty intolerant of lateness generally, but when you find out the real reasons, then you have to calm down and accept them. So today has taught me a lesson in being a lot more patient and accepting of other’s foibles. They have to put up with me and my foibles, so today was a good start. I hope I can carry that on to other parts of my life.

Just in bed now, at 7 in the evening, ready to fall asleep at any moment……

A.S.D Brooks

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