CBT closure….

Today was the 20th and last CBT session with my counsellor since the back end of last summer.

I’ve had 20 sessions on this current referral and of course, I’ve had plenty before that. At the moment, the closure of this current set has come at a reasonable time. I’m learning to manage things, so reliance on doctors and counsellors has become less over the three or four months.

That’s not to say I won’t use the CBT counselling service again. I may well need it if I have a downturn. I hope I don’t have a downturn so there will be no need to go back. But you can never predict what is round that corner. We had a good positive discussion today and I left with the feeling that I’ve made some progress this year. Progress to the tune of managing my day to day life. Progress where I’m learning that variety is keeping the wolves from the door. Plenty of activities to stop me from referencing the past. So the outlook is a positive one.


A.S.D Brooks

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