Training – Part Two

Yesterday was the second of six Peer Support Training days. We all made our way to a venue that was simply excellent. A park and a lake at the back, and the room we were given was well, roomy, with air conditioning (much needed), plug sockets for our phones, and a nice ambience.

It was role play day yesterday. I must confess to hating anything to do with acting and drama lessons at school. I’m not a fan of acting as I find it difficult to portray someone else. Each to their own I suppose.

I sat out, but still had to contribute as I commented on a scenario that was being played out by seven of the group. I’ve had enough real life family dramas of my own so sitting out was far more preferable. The show was stolen by one of my facilitator colleagues who I couldn’t decide whether she was in character or not, so convincing was she at the part. A role in a soap opera awaits, surely?

Then it was off for some dinner and a few drinks. I must have had a little bit too much as I’m not too rational and level headed when I’ve had a couple of drinks. All silly I know, but alcohol is a depressant and I let some emotions get the better of me. It’s been a long week with a lot of emotional stuff to process and it was coming to the surface on the way home last night and for some part of today. I will calm down.

Another busy week next week, involving more training. Rather be busy than not, I suppose. As long as the end justifies the means, that’s all I worry about. Helping others to get on with their life is the raison d’etre of this whole process. Can I make it? We’ll see.

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