So close….to winning £42,000

Time:- Sometime around 2009 Venue:- A Bingo Hall somewhere in the South East of England

Let me tell you about the closest I have ever come to winning a huge amount of money. I used to enjoy playing bingo and in the lottery that is life, I used to go with the ex-wife……I’ll say no more.

One evening in a far off bingo hall, it was time for the National game, where all this particular chain’s venues took part, hence the prize of £42,000. The game was progressing along, until I wanted three numbers……then two…..hell I thought, this could be the answer to the debts I was saddled with.

Then a bingo hall in the north of England phoned through. Someone had claimed the top prize. We all sat there, waited with baited breath… was a false call. Still two numbers to go!

Then one……and my palms grew sweaty and my heart beat faster, and, no it wasn’t down to the ex-wife. Several more numbers were frustratingly called…..and the tension grew further. Then another venue phoned through with the winning ball. Damn. The closest I’ve come to a huge amount of money.

Then it was back to the realities of life… a way I was glad not to win it, because the ex-wife would have claimed her share. She already had rinsed most of my savings so I suppose it was a kind of redemption. I only saw it that way a fair while afterwards.

Luck? Who needs it…..

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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