Fair to middling sort of day….

Weather superb. Glorious blue skies and delightful warmth, but not excessively hot. Nothing much occurring today, just preparing for another day of Peer Support Group tomorrow allied to some training afterwards. An early start for me tomorrow.

Sitting here sipping a pint of water with tons of ice in it, refreshing it is too. Last night I decided to go for some more variety in my life again. I booked some train tickets to visit the Edinburgh Fringe festival in a few weeks time. That play WEIRD which I saw the other day is playing at Edinburgh throughout the whole of August, so I thought why not go and see it again, but 400 miles further north!

I’ve never been past Yorkshire in terms of train travel in England, but I did visit Edinburgh by air some years to attempt to watch some cricket. Sadly, the Scottish weather was rather drab and there was no play, but I did enjoy the Scottish capital and it’s history and tradition. Looking forward to travelling up there again and this time by train. That’s going to be another great experience.

So it’s a new month, it’s my birthday soon, and another year closer to 50 is approaching. I have the grey hairs to prove it. But doing different things and getting out of my comfort zone does work on occasions. Keeps me grounded and not dwelling on the past…..

A.S.D Brooks

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