Heat returns….

After a temporary intermission, the hot weather is to return to the UK later this week. It’s warm enough today, especially after that morning thunderstorm.

But this is nothing compared to the heat building in Spain and Portugal. Temperatures could be approaching 50 Celsius which is 122 Fahrenheit. That is downright dangerous and certainly will cause more problems with illness and of course wildfires which have been raging on certain parts of the world the last few weeks. The European all time record could go later this week.

It’ll get into the 90s Fahrenheit here again later so more uncomfortable nights for sleeping coming up. Prefer today’s sort of weather, warm, sunny, breezy with a hint of freshness. But spare a thought for those in southwestern Spain and Portugal. That is heat that I wouldn’t venture out in. Too much.

Take it easy folks

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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