Q and A with A.S.D

Afternoon. Have had a very interesting afternoon in the company of some school leavers who visited the other mental health charity I volunteer for. They are in the process of designing some ideas to use on social media platforms, for spreading the word about positive mental health.

I did a Q and A with them and again it was very productive and enlightening, for all of us. I recounted my mental health recovery journey and described how Autism affects my everyday life. One such question was “Where do you think you would be if you didn’t have this place to come to and the other bits and pieces you do?” My answer was stark “I don’t think I would be here at all”. And that is the truth. The last four years have been and continue to be so rewarding in doing presentations, meeting great people and being involved in mental health. Without it, well, I wouldn’t be writing this for a start.

The line manager came in to see me during a break and said that my words and story were, and I quote “inspirational” to the youngsters. That filled me with a sense of pride and fulfilment that just by being myself and telling the story, warts and all, then others can feel inspired. I’ve been called many things in my life, some uncomplimentary, but inspiring is a new one for me. Brilliant.

A really good couple of hours and the youngsters were again, a pleasure to deal with and interested in what we do at the company. It’s been a fab couple of days, let’s hope the rest of the week can match up to the first two. A hard act to follow, but there’s plenty more mental health stuff to come this week.

A.S.D Brooks

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