Enigma Variations…..

Still sitting here in wonderment at that play I watched last night. The reviews that it’s getting on the world of social media proved that it hit home and everyone enjoyed it.

To me, it added a bit of variety to my life. Been involved with cricket for 38 years and mental health for the last four years. Sometimes you need a bit of a change, a bit of going off on a different tangent. It makes you appreciate what is actually out there, to broaden one’s horizons can only be a good thing.

I came away from that theatre last night with a warm glow. I took the plunge and went to a theatre for the first time in many years. The whole experience made me get away from the other issues in my life and transported me to another world. As I said, I’m still sitting here with that warm glow from watching something very, very enlightening and special. Money can’t buy that, and certainly money can’t buy the wonderful experiences I’ve enjoyed in the world of mental health since 2014.

More mental health stuff today, dealing with the superb teenagers I met the other week, probably to see how they’re getting on with their project. Lots of great stuff that keeps me grounded and in the moment. Without it I would be nothing.

Life can be good, it can be bad, it can be downright ugly. But other times, it can be wonderful.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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