WEIRD – A play about OCD….

This was my place of residence for the majority of the afternoon, near London Bridge. Through the national mental health charity I volunteer for, I managed to procure a ticket for a play called WEIRD, about a 22 year old woman’s struggle with her inner voices and the debilitating nature of OCD.

The theatre, on a level of quaintness, say 10 being the most quaint, scored 15! There was a small bar and waiting area, and through a small door was the performing area, just slightly bigger than a good sized living room which housed about 50-60 people.

To put it very succinctly, the play was one of the best things I have watched, whether on a local or national level. I’m not a theatre aficionado per se, but right from the outset of this performance, you were drawn in like a moth to the flame.

Playing the part of 22 year old Yasmin, is an actress called Amy Doyle. And right from the off, she hit you between the eyes with passion, raw emotion and plenty of humour. Yasmin chronicled her life with OCD. She played the characters that degraded Yasmin and her OCD ways, including an unforgiving younger sister called Katie.

It was a virtuoso performance of star quality from Amy Doyle, a whole hour of non stop performance in a sauna of a room. She got a terrific ovation from the audience and I complimented her afterwards for a “first class performance”.

The next time you will see Amy is at the Edinburgh Festival in August. And there she will wow the crowds like she did at the Bunker this afternoon. I sat there, laughing away at the funny bits, but resonating with the inner voices, the medication, the struggles and disbelieving others. The language was fruity, but the message of dealing with OCD was put across in a superb way. It really was something to behold.

The creator of this masterpiece is a Mancunian lady called Lucy Burke. I managed to catch a few words with her afterwards and again, I was fulsome with praise for what I witnessed. Edinburgh beware!

If the message about mental illness gets through after WEIRD, then Amy Doyle and Lucy Burke have done their job. I hope to see them in another production some day in the future, because I am a fan already.

And it took me away from a difficult morning, having to sort out an issue with an activity I’m doing this week. It was something different, and something to maybe enjoy in the future. If you want to see more of this fabulous production, then go to the Edinburgh Festival between 1st and 27th August.

A.S.D Brooks

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