Getting to the point…at last

5.15 Friday afternoon. Like a politician answering a question from an interviewer, the storms are taking a while to get to the point. As I speak, there was a belching thunderclap (not me, I hasten to add), gusty winds and a nice, solid downpour of rain. Still intensely humid but this rain is so welcome, you wouldn’t believe.

As I alluded to earlier, I hate storms. But I’m prepared to put my hate aside just this once. Kabooooom! Big flash of lightning and a crunching thunderclap that made me jump just then. And of course, this is just in time for the big weekend family getaway. Who says Him upstairs hasn’t got a sense of timing?

I have a couple of weather apps on my phone. One tells me when the rain is likely to fall, and how long it will last. The other is a radar that is pretty accurate. And the two have combined to give a rush hour storm almost timed to the minute.

In a funny sort of way, you can sense the preparedness in the atmosphere before the storm arrives. The darkening clouds, the intensifying humidity, the small rumbles of thunder far away, the smell of rain in the air. Then after what seems an age, away we go. I’m sitting here in my bedroom. Outside one window is bright sunshine, out of the living room window, storm clouds. Bizarre. I don’t think this one is finished yet though.

As long as it’s more comfortable over the weekend, I don’t care. This will be the answer to everyone’s sleepless nights.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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