Wilting Flowers….

1.20 pm and they say only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun. I’m a mad Englishman and well the heat can best be described as insane. Everybody is wilting, though either a lack of sleep or the actual near 100 Fahrenheit London day we’re all experiencing.

Someone commented to me today that I look a bit tired. Well not sleeping due to the muggy nights could be a reason. We had our Peer Support group today and we had a reasonable attendance, all things considered. It was a really good session, with a lot of positivity and enjoyment. Looking forward to a busy week next week.

Now forgive me if I start performing a rain dance. I know how this insane heat will end, with an explosion and a lot of rain. Just wanna sleep, and help prevent this irritability and slow wittedness that has been the prevailing mindset for me this week. I shall be listening out for the inevitable storms and I don’t really bloody care if I get struck by lightning, I want to be doused in tons of rain. Forgive my bloody mindedness, but this really is too much today.

On a positive, my eldest nephew’s wife has given birth to their third child this morning. Mother and baby doing very well, though if I was that baby, I wouldn’t have wanted to come out into the heat consuming today. I’d have stayed put! But seriously, a birth is a thing of beauty and great joy and I’ve passed on my congratulations.

Now off for some lunch out of town. A refreshingly cold beverage is in order, and it will quench the thirst of yours truly, and to wet the baby’s head as well. Can’t wait!!!

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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