Peer-ing through the haze….

Morning. Off to Peer Group this morning. Another hot day again, lot of haze about but it’s ok at the moment. Think I’ve left home at a fairly good time of the day before the real heat sets in.

Doubt very much as though we’ll have a huge attendance today as the weather is having an impact on numbers, plus the effect of school holidays and other factors, such as illness. Not on duty today, so just going to relax and enjoy the morning.

It’s also lovely with little or no traffic around, no school kids getting on trains and all transport running to time, so far, so good. Just pleasant sitting here on the train, waiting for it to go, listening to our feathered friends chirping away, and the sound of feet as the morning commuters find their way to their carriage. Nice, evocative sounds.

Makes you feel appreciative of what’s around us…..

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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