Could you sleep? I couldn’t….

Another very sultry night in London. And if I don’t get a good night’s sleep, I’m not a happy bunny the following day. Grumpy and irritable, some say no more than normal then!

Sleep was exceptionally difficult last night. Bathed in sweat, trying to turn over to stop feeling ever more uncomfortable. Then I had an itching fit. Whether this is the condition I’m being treated for at hospital, or heat rash, I’m not sure, but for 30 minutes I was scratching myself to pieces like Edward Scissorhands. It wouldn’t stop, adding to the irritability and annoyance.

I’ve got an electric fan close to the bed that’s doing very little but stir the stagnant air about and not cooling me down. I drank water before bed, but this time, the body has given up the unequal struggle and I had an interrupted and poor night’s rest.

Any relief from this stifling humidity? Possibly some cooler weather at the weekend that’s been brought through by some much needed thunderstorms. 97/98 Fahrenheit tomorrow and Friday apparently. Hmmm. It will end explosively and the big family getaway on Friday could be an interesting experience. If we all think that cooler weather will remain in place, wrong again. The heat is expected to return with the possibility of that record temperature next week. I just want a good night’s sleep without this sweating and cat like clawing of back, arms and legs to relieve the itching.

Either I’ll fill the bath tonight with cold water and sleep in there or squeeze myself into the fridge and try that. Don’t mind the heat, don’t mind the sun, just hate not being able to sleep. Sorry.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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