The Idiot of the Year award….

The above article relates to a story on the BBC News website where a young boy was pictured peering over the edge of a railway station platform, lying on his stomach, while has father was standing only a few feet away.

Now the sheer stupidity of the boy in doing such a dangerous thing is one thing, but the crass idiocy of the father to brush off the incident as just a “kid wanting to explore” is simply staggering. What if a train had thundered into the station just then? The consequences are too dire to contemplate. The father would have been taking the train companies to court.

Unbelievable. A passenger on the station alerted the father to the actions of his son, and was reproofed with the comment “You’re a do gooder, mind your own business”. Ok, well next time we’ll all look away as a train maims the young kid. Apologies if a passer by thinks he’s doing the right thing. The brazenness of the father is simply embarrassing. So he wins my nomination for Idiot of the Year award….

I hope the kid grows up to be a better father than that excuse for one.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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