Breathing fire…

A really weird happening last night. It was oppressively hot and humid and I decided to pop to the local shops as I was running short of food.

Well the sun made an appearance and it had a strange effect on my health, for about 10 minutes. Walking back to the flat, the sun burst through and all of a sudden, I felt as though I was breathing fire. I felt really quite ill all of a sudden and a feeling of queasiness and nausea took over. I staggered back indoors, put the shopping away, while trying not to throw up at the same time.

The queasy feeling wore off, and the rest of the evening was fine, but that was quite unpleasant to withstand. Usually, I’m not normally one to feel unwell due to the sun, but the oppressive nature of the weather last night certainly triggered some alarms inside of my brain.

And today is no different weather wise. Very hot and uncomfortable last night, slept only fitfully. At around 6 am I saw blue sky outside and we have another scorcher of a day. High humidity again and temperatures on their way towards 90 Fahrenheit. The stagnant air is going nowhere and there’s nothing that looks as though it’s going to shift it anytime soon. So plenty more days like this. Stifling, uncomfortable humidity and blazing heat. Should have spent the night sleeping in the oven!

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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