An Allen Sweater….

Nice play on words there, eh? Well, I was an Allen Sweater today. This morning, like last night, I generally felt quite unwell, mainly due to the excessive heat and humidity which is here for the duration it seems.

Staggered into the office for my volunteering stint, brain a little fried. The tasks I was set saw a little bit of a struggle. Mind you, plenty of water saw the general grogginess dissipate after a while. Got the tasks done, but only after asking what to do a few times. I should know, but when you’re overheating…..

Journey home not too bad, but still incredibly hot and humid, even at 4 in the afternoon. Actually I was asked to umpire a game of cricket today, but I requested to drop out of it, and probably just as well, as standing out in 93F heat was less preferable than working in an air conditioned office.

Feel better now, and more drinks will be the order of the day, but not alcoholic ones.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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