Informing the world about Autism…

Now I must confess that the BBC News online service is full of the usual rubbish around Brexit, Donald Trump, and fatuous tosh about reality TV shows.

But one thing has delighted me this week, and it’s the focus on Autism. One horrifying story struck me about a mother ringing up a school about her ill autistic child only to find that the call wasn’t ended and the school staff were making a joke of the mother and her child. I hope the local education authority has the balls to dismiss the staff involved and educate them about Autism.

Then there was the story about a UK supermarket having an Autism hour on a Saturday morning, where children (and adults come to that) with Autism can come and shop without all the extraneous noises off that can ruin a day for someone with Autism. No beeping of tills and bar codes and none of that dreadful muzak that irritates most people in supermarkets. Superb idea.

And there was a story about a 10 year old girl writing about her daily struggles with Autism. So I like this focus on this developmental disorder that I have to cope with on most days. It is there but it shouldn’t define people; people with Autism can live wonderful and fulfilling lives. Autism doesn’t mean stupidity and retardation. It’s just the world seems so different to those who carry it with them everyday.

Some good articles from the BBC News website and it takes my focus away from that narcissistic, vainglorious twat who apparently is the leader of the free world. Those of us with Autism carry far more credence and intelligence than Donald J. Trump ever will. I’m just waiting for him to insult people with ASD, after all, he’s insulted most minorities since his inauguration. People with Autism, I salute you in your everyday battles, and ignore the piss takers and uneducated.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

44 year old adult living with Autism...