Running on fumes…

That’s a pretty accurate description of the last couple of days. Yesterday was a strange day, felt very sluggish and tired. And today is a replica of yesterday. Fairly emotionless and fairly uninterested in doing anything remotely productive today.

I get days like this, and then the pilot light is switched on and I’m ok again. Not particularly interested in doing any cricket scoring tomorrow, just don’t have the enthusiasm and drive as was the case several weeks back. The petrol gauge has gone round to the E stop. It will get better but these episodic downturns are symptomatic of what kind of a year it’s been. Some good days, some bad days and some ugly days. Today is an ugly day. Devoid of that spark. Just want to stay in and mope around. Counter productive but hey, that’s show business.

Two days best described as meh….meaning shite.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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