On another planet…but a good recovery

Away with the fairies today. Was like it when I woke up. In a daze, in a fog, in a state of confusion. Wasn’t totally enthused about the prospect of going to volunteering either. But I went. I forced myself out of the door.

And I’m glad I did go. At the office, I was given a fairly lengthy, though easy task to do. There was no backing out or thinking of going home. I got the task done and was warmly thanked for doing so by the person who set it. Mind firmly set on the task and a determination to finish it. That clicks the brain into gear, and I felt a sense of satisfaction at completing the job. And there’s a difference at this place, there’s nobody standing over you watching your every move, like some full time jobs I’ve done in the past. No deadlines, apart from my own self imposed one.

And that has given me a boost. No brain fog, no confusion, no daze. Perfect.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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