Great British Bake….

(Temperatures approaching 99 Fahrenheit around the East of England on Sunday 29th July)….

Not wishing to advertise a worthy reality show in the UK but a play on words to back up what I was saying the other day on the possibility of a record breaking spell of heat in the UK late next week and into next weekend.

Again, I’ll add the caveat that this is 10 days away and things could change, but I’ve been tuning into some weather blogs and looking into the next week’s prospects for this potential record breaker. And there is more than the outside possibility that 40 Celsius or 104 Fahrenheit could be reached in the UK next week. There’s some excitement and interest growing on the weather blogs that 100 Fahrenheit will be easily beaten.

To back this up, I noticed that the temperatures here in London at 9 am on Saturday 28th July are 32 Celsius 90 Fahrenheit!! At 9 am if you please. This is incredible. Could it happen?

Several things need to fall into place for this to happen. We have the dry air and dry, parched ground. We need low pressure out in the Atlantic to stay there and high pressure to form to the East. The UK would be in a “heat” sandwich, bringing up scorching winds from Northern Africa and Southern Spain. It’s already in the 40s Celsius in Spain and that could be on it’s way here.

But remember that the UK is an island and a few hundred miles shift in one direction or another could see this major event miss us entirely. One thing is though, the heat could reach dangerous proportions and that could cause some complications for a lot of people. I appreciate the hot weather isn’t to everyone’s taste, and it’s even a little too hot for me as well. But you only live once, and this would be an astonishing event in our lifetime in the UK.

So watch this space. The Great British Bake could be on…..

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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