Back to medical matters….

The sporting summer has taken up a lot of space on here, so today sees a respite in that and a return to medical matters.

I’m off to the local hospital later on. It’s a continuation of an investigation as to whether I have polythycemia. I’ve had a venesection to remove a pint of blood from me, which has had a positive effect to my physical health. No dizzy spells, no blurred vision, no scratching myself to pieces to relieve incessant itching on my legs.

Today, I have to have a US Abdomen. I thought that was an American warship, only to realise that US means ultrasound. It’s to see whether my spleen is enlarged. If it is, it would be one of the causes of the large amount of red blood cells inside of me. If the spleen is enlarged, then I’ll have to wait to see what the doctors decide. They may elect to do nothing at all.

So that’s later. A quiet week after a week of sport and a chance to take a little break and do other things. Have to get that balance correct otherwise there might be more days like Saturday, where my head exploded and I went home from cricket.

Keeps me on my toes…..

A.S.D Brooks

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