Weather Update….

Just two words:- Hot. Sunny. This is a remarkable weather pattern here in the UK. No appreciable rain bar a spattering shower last Friday night that has done little to change the colour of the grass and farmland up and down the country.And the good (or bad, depending on your point of view) news is that this hot and sunny spell is set to continue. Just checking some long range prognoses for late July and August reveals one thing – drought conditions remain. But the one thing that caught my eye is that temperatures will be even hotter than they are now. It’s about 32 Celsius or 90 Fahrenheit today in London, and it feels it too.But there could be record breaking heat on the way. By record breaking I mean temperatures reaching 40 Celsius, which is 104 Fahrenheit!!! The highest ever was 39, which equates to 101 Fahrenheit in 2003 in Faversham in Kent. But that was at the end of a short lived heatwave. This prognosis of 104 Fahrenheit will be in the middle of one of the greatest summer spells of all time in the UK. It is yet to verify and predicting things like this are fraught with risk. But it’s an indication of what could happen in late July/early August. I even heard of some wildfires in forest land not far from me. Just a discarded match or cigarette or discarded glass bottles can set off fires that will rage for days. A dangerous situation that with a little carelessness can spiral out of control. As the song goes, the heat goes on. Amazing stuff and one for the memory banks. A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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