On strike…..

I think I’ve already alluded to the fact that I’ve been involved in cricket for 38 years of my life. Whether umpiring or scoring, I have prided myself in trying to do the job honestly, competently, fairly and trying to make as few mistakes as possible.Which leads me onto a game of cricket that it was my misfortune to be scoring this afternoon. I have to be very careful in what I say in this particular blog post. In 38 years I have never seen such an almighty shambles in a game. So much so in fact, that in the scorebox, I was resorting to clairvoyance to get me through the game. I’m not a religious man, but I was offering up a prayer to the Almighty on numerous occasions. It was pure comedy, but in the end I didn’t see the joke. Why do something properly and proficiently if others don’t bother? How I got through the first innings, well it was more by luck than good management. And the score added up, thankfully. But my already thin patience was on the point of snapping.I spent the tea break on my own, out of the way of the players and other officials, such was my anger at this point. I thought that the second innings would bring some much needed respite and solace. Wrong, very wrong. There was a dispute over some incident and my brain, already addled, just exploded in a fit of rage. I slammed down the scorebook, picked up my stuff and said to one of our players “This is a fucking joke. I’m better off out of it. I’m going home”. And that is what I did. I’m now sitting indoors and I should be lying down in a darkened room, thinking why have I bothered being involved in cricket these last 38 years. The lunatics have definitely taken over the asylum. I have refrained from naming names and listing the incidents from today’s ferrago of nonsense. If I listed all the incidents, I would be here all day. You know when something is lurching out of control, and you can’t do a thing about it? Well that’s how it was for me today.My next move? Not sure really. I don’t want to be involved in a game where it is a complete shambles from start to finish. What’s the point? I might as well have stayed indoors and watched some sport on the TV, much use I was today. I might as well be slapdash, shoddy and unprofessional in what I do as well, it seems that’s the only way to get on these days. I’m not sure when I’ll calm down. I’m just glad I’ve got other things in my life to concentrate on. I think a long holiday and break away from cricket is necessary, otherwise I could go literally stir crazy.A.S.D Brooks

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