What was there to worry about?

Probably my one and only umpiring stint of the season and probably for many seasons.A much more pleasant day weather wise with the evening especially, being particularly sunlit and tranquil. I must say, though I haven’t umpired for over a year, it was as though I was settling back into my favourite armchair. No problems whatsoever with the players, indeed it was a good spirited game played in a friendly vein.Had a superb colleague with me who I’ve known for many a year. He does some top level cricket and is hugely regarded and respected around the circuit. A no nonsense approach, but allied to fine decision making and a good rapport with the players. And we had a laugh together too.No mistakes from me, and I even denied one of the club’s young players from making a 100 after I gave him out leg before wicket on 98, to a cascade of groans from the spectators! But to be fair, it wasn’t a difficult decision and his time will come again. It was a high scoring and entertaining match and I was happy with my own performance and the level of concentration. It’s only the fact that I’ve stopped enjoying the cut and thrust of League cricket that has caused me to virtually stop officiating. Not bad for a grizzled old veteran like me. Very tired but happy with how it went.A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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