On this day in 1991….

I saw my father for the very last time. He had been battling cancer since the Christmas of 1990. The doctors had only given him three months to live, so to make it through to seven months indicated his toughness and resilience. An operation and months of chemotherapy had taken their toll by July 8, 1991. I went in to see him, and he was wasting away before my very eyes. From someone had been a fit, healthy man who had once been a soldier who fought in World War 2, his demise was an indication how brutal and cruel cancer can be. He was only 65 years old when he passed on.I hope I’ve carried on his traits of toughness and resilience, through some testing times in the last ten years. I’m still going through those testing times. I wonder what he would have made of my daily struggles. One thing that has struck me from July 8, 1991 to July 8, 2018, was that the weather on both days was hot and sunny. Dad liked sun worshipping, and he would have been sitting out on a day like today. I like to think I’ve carried on that tradition! Maybe this was affecting me subconsciously yesterday, I don’t know. His picture looks down on me each and every day, with him proudly wearing his Army uniform, adorned with medals. He lived through some tough times himself. I hope I can continue to battle, just like he did.Dad – Born 25th March 1926, died 8th July 1991.A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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