It’s Coming Home…is it?

Consider these stats. 1996 was the last time the England football team made it to the semi finals of a major tournament. 1990 was the last time a semi final was reached in a World Cup, when we lost, amidst Paul Gascoigne’s tears, to our arch nemesis, West Germany (as was).England’s 2-0 win over Sweden yesterday saw a much unheralded team under Gareth Southgate make it to only our third semi final in the 88 years of the competition. Before the tournament started, I was one of those frankly bored by international football and by the usual ineptitude of the England team and it’s collection of average managers over the years. I even thought that Gareth Southgate was an average manager with an average group of players under his wing. Now, incredibly, we are in the semi final of the biggest tournament of all. Most of the big guns have fallen by the wayside and England’s path to the semi final has been made considerably easier, penalty shootout versus Colombia aside.Let me put this achievement into context. I never believed I would see a better summer weather wise then the one we’re experiencing at the moment. I also didn’t think in my lifetime that I would see an England football team on the verge of greatness. Believe me, I’m a cynical old whatsit and seen too many England failures. Can we see Sir Gareth Southgate in 2019. A Sir? Amazing really. There’s still the little matter of Croatia to get through this coming Wednesday, and they are a decent side with a good pedigree, semi finalists in 1998 being an example. If we play as well as we have done already, there’s the mouthwatering prospect of a Moscow final next Sunday, an event that will grip England by the ears. If this lovely weather continues, then next Sunday will be manna from heaven for us English. Could it be coming home, finally, after 52 years? And an England victory would help shut up your correspondent, who didn’t think we would get out of the group stages. Never predict sport, or anything else for that matter. Predictions can make us look foolish. IT’S COMING HOME…is it?A.S.D Brooks

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