Blankety Blank….

Sunday. The wonderful weather continues. Hot and sunny. Unfortunately though, there’s no cricket today. We’re right in the middle of holiday season. Players with families tend to go on holiday and with the World Cup Football going on at the moment, there’s also another distraction.So there’s very few players to fulfil the fixture and the match has had to be cancelled. Very disappointing but not surprising in the modern era. Club cricket on Sundays has been on a life support machine for years, and I can see the machine being switched off within the next ten years.Cricket has this problem even at the top level. Keeping the punters interested and keeping the money coming in. But as I said, with other distractions such as football, players and spectators at the recreational level are fast losing interest. It’s becoming a more expensive sport to play and with the constant tinkering of the laws and playing conditions, the administrators are running out of time.So, on this stunning Sunday, there’s no sound of leather on willow and no sound of the fielding side’s appeal to the umpire. This is not a problem particular to my own club, this is a problem countrywide and worldwide. And nobody has come up with a solution that will bring back that interest and excitement of the best game in the world.Time to climb down off that soap box….A.S.D Brooks

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