Long day coming up tomorrow!

Indeed it will be. Tomorrow is an unusual kind of sporting day. There will be some cricket, then the World Cup Football quarter final between England and Sweden and then more cricket.We’ll be starting all this around midday and probably finishing around 8.30 in the evening, to accommodate everyone that wants to play cricket and watch the football. Luckily, and very luckily, it’s in the middle of summer when the daylight is long and the weather will also play ball as well, hot and sunny all day. I shudder to think if the forecast predicted rain tomorrow.Do I agree with this? Well in all my years as either a scorer or umpire, I’ve never known a cricket match be stopped for football. It is true that generally England haven’t performed well at international football tournaments over a number of years, so it’s never been an issue. Until now. The county cricket league executive have taken a decision to incorporate both. Not a fan of the idea, and it may have been better to scrap the cricket for one week and play that week at the end of the season in September. But I’m not an administrator, so my opinion won’t count for very much. It’ll just be a long day for all concerned. I hope that England win the football, of course, but this is summer and cricket should prioritise. These are different times though, and this is why cricket isn’t quite as popular these days. A debate for another time. I’d better settle in for the long haul then.A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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