Brooks on Film….

Hi. No, there’s no Hollywood career or an Oscar nomination forthcoming, but I did appear in front of a camera today.Today, along with my line manager, we met up with a group of school leavers who are part of a national initiative called The Challenge. They do a lot of community work and involve themselves in mental health charities such as the local one I’m involved in.We did a few activities, mainly centring around promoting awareness in mental health and also gender differences in mental health. As usual, the youngsters are very well behaved and well informed about the subject.At the end, some of the group asked me some questions on my mental health journey, some general questions and all this was done as part of a production they will be making. Fame at last! Hardly. But I hope the message of promoting a positive outlook on mental health came across to them. We had to film the q and a in a small meeting room, and it’s not entirely conducive to air conditioning or comfort. Hot outside, and hot in the building.The group of youngsters will come back and show us their final production, and discuss more on mental health. As always, a pleasure to be part of and the group were first class in behaviour and attitude. How’s my hair? How’s my make up? Sir Laurence Olivier I’m not. Hated drama at school, and I can’t act. So maybe I should appear on Eastenders, because they can’t act on that programme either! But seriously, if a good message was put across then that is all that concerns me. I’m not very photogenic either and my voice sounds dreadful on audio, like some upper class member of the landed gentry. I can assure you I’m not posh, I’m from East Laaaandan mate. Star of the small screen, and the smaller the better!A.S.D Brooks

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