Onto today….

It’s been an unpleasant weather day today. Hot and intensely humid, and everybody is struggling to cope with a blistering London day.The morning was a little testing. The train I take to Peer Support was cancelled, meaning a fifteen minute wait for the next. When it arrived, it was packed. Had to stand for the journey. Also, we had the regulation party of schoolchildren on a day trip who are sent to annoy me on an infrequent basis. Lots of loud voices and the teachers doing very little to control them. Not only that, I had a woman standing next to me rabbiting into her mobile phone in a loud voice. A testing journey. But I didn’t walk away. I didn’t panic. I carried on and made it to the group. And it went well, and there was some more good news. I won’t divulge as it was a delicate situation that needed sorting, but suffice it to say everyone seemed happier with life. Jaw Jaw is better than War War, said one chap called Winston Churchill. Wonder what happened to him? And on the way home, I took some time out for some reflection to take my mind off the still humid weather. Thinking about the last three days, and glad that life isn’t too bad at the moment. Certainly I had a smile on my face after yesterday’s meet with the old school colleague. I’m enjoying this summer! And after the last eight years, I’m going to continue to do so, you’ll see.A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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