A change of tack….

Victoria Station, London on a hot and sultry July morning. Yes, I am on my travels, but not to the coast. I’m off to see somebody I haven’t seen since 1988. A bloke that sat next to me in Geography class at school. 30 long years have passed until we made contact again on Facebook, and it’s a reunion that helps to keep me grounded and in the moment.It’s going to be a good afternoon, with lots to talk about, hopefully aided and abetted with some good food and some alcoholic beverages. Nice to occasionally get out of my comfort zone, get away from London, get away from sport, get away from cricket and get away from all the hype surrounding the football, if only for today.That’s not denigrating any of the other things I’m involved in, but a change is always welcome. See ya later.A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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