There has been a spike in your stats…

A very nice message to receive yesterday. Normally the blog just bumbles along with modest returns but yesterday saw an uptick in the views and visitors. The reason? Because I linked some of the content to a group I belong to on Facebook. This is very easy to do on WordPress and it certainly helps give the blog a boost. Hopefully the content of the blog posts help too!

What’s happening today? Not much actually. Just sitting inside with windows open and electric fan on full power. Another sensational day outside in a continuation of the fab few weeks we’re having weather wise.

Not a bad week coming up. Some mental health training, visiting an old school friend I haven’t seen for 30 years, some football watching, Peer Support group and an interesting mental health project I’ve been asked to be involved in to round off the week. Then back to the cricket scorebox. Today is just right to rest and recuperate and recharge the batteries. I don’t mind sitting out the latest hot day outside. Looking after my well being is key to further progress.

A.S.D Brooks

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