More bearable….

This is becoming like a broken record. Yet another hot day here in London, but with higher humidity and more cloud, but actually the cricket scorebox was a little more bearable today.

Unfortunately the team got knocked out of the local cup competition in a high scoring game. An entertaining match to watch, and no problems from my viewpoint. Sadly my World Cup football tip I picked from the sweepstake, Denmark, lost on penalties to Croatia.

England play on Tuesday night and if they win, that could cause some interesting logistical issues for next Saturday’s cricket. The Saturday England match begins at 3pm, right in the middle of the cricket matches. Of course this is all dependant on Tuesday. We shall see.

All in all a good weekend, and after not feeling 100% yesterday, a good night’s rest and getting used to the heat saw me feel better today. Still enjoying it.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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