If I can’t stand the heat…get out of the scorebox

Hello. Well another blue sky day and roasting sunshine. I was scoring some cricket today, and I must confess to the heat getting to me. At various times, I felt quite unwell, but drinking plenty of fluid (not alcohol, I must stress), eased the symptoms of heat stress.

The scorebox was akin to sitting in an oven, closing the door and someone turning up the gas to it’s fullest. Very uncomfortable indeed.

Not quite error free today. The computer scoring fell victim to it’s useless operator again (me) and I got in a terrible tangle at one point trying to sort it out. In the end, the computer was packed away and I resorted to those old fashioned methods of pen and paper.

Some decent cricket on show, the team won and it was played in a decent spirit. The second innings saw the heat recede just a fraction and a gentle breeze was a welcome relief from a pretty hot afternoon. But again, I was treated well by both sides and it was very enjoyable, despite the heat and a slight technical glitch.

This season is turning into one of the most memorable and enjoyable for a lot of reasons. I just hope that can last until September.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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