The heat consuming….

Though a lot of people enjoy this fabulous weather at the moment in the UK, for some people though, it’s far from ideal.

Take farmers for example. They rely on rain to produce good crops. There’s been precious little rain in the last few weeks or in the next few, by the look of it. The ground is so dry that the temperatures rise very quickly but there could be a real danger of damage to crops in the UK if this fine weather continues.

Also, with the dry ground comes the risk of wildfires. There’s already one raging in Tameside, near Greater Manchester. Wildfires can start by discarded cigarettes or the sun reflecting off glass and reflecting onto the ground. Dangerous times indeed.

And next week? Well there is a prospect of even higher temperatures here in the UK, probably into the mid thirties Celsius, which equates to the mid nineties in Fahrenheit. It doesn’t look out of the question that might well happen. An extraordinary period of weather to follow on from the dreary, cold and dark winter we endured. We don’t do extremes well in the UK, and this weather is extreme, for some, but not for all.

Best advice would be to head to the coast to get those refreshing sea breezes and less stuffy conditions. For 1976, read 2018. Amazing stuff.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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