It must be me…..

As regular readers of the blog will no doubt realise by now, I’m a lover of peace and quiet, and not a lover of hordes of schoolchildren or students getting on public transport at peak times. Take this evening for example.

17:53pm train service to London from Margate. Get on front coach and settle down. Plug phone charger in and relax….until forty French exchange students get on, making an unholy racket. I’m not a religious individual, but I offered up a prayer to the Almighty in redemption for something I may have done in my life to deserve noise and tumult.

But the Almighty will look down on me and say “ASD, you have Autism so noise and tumult will upset you at various times”. Yeah, thanks mate. Instead of putting up with the noise and tumult from our Gallic cousins, I got up and headed for the next coach down for some peace and quiet.

It must be me….I swear I’ve done something bad in my life and this is the payback. Just give me PEACE and QUIET!!!

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

44 year old adult living with Autism...