The Magic 30 Celsius!

Well the heatwave that was predicted in the UK is well and truly here. A blisteringly hot day in London. I’ve been outside for a short while and there’s no breeze, and the sun is burning down. You can’t please some of the people though. I’ve been hearing some people complaining that it’s too hot. But that’s a great British trait. We’re never happy, come rain or shine.

Tomorrow I think could be a beach day for me, to escape the heat. Haven’t decided where yet. I’ll decide when I wake up tomorrow morning.

Perfect weather for outdoor activities such as barbecues and summer fetes. Also there’s plenty of sport in England at the moment that is synonymous with perfect summer weather; Royal Ascot, Cricket, Wimbledon tennis and the Henley Regatta. I’m not complaining though. Better to be on a beach in the sun than sitting indoors sheltering from the rain, and the appropriate amount of sun is good for our Vitamin D and well being.

Long may the great weather continue….

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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