Hot, but not in the least bothered.

Hello, and good evening. Again, another sojourn in the scorebox today. It was a short away trip for the team, who were attempting to make it to the last 16 of the National Club Cricket Championship, for the whole of the UK! Some achievement if they could win.

Slight problem before the start. I had a little dose of tummy troubles which necessitated a trip to the loo. Once that was out of the way, I was slightly dismayed to find myself without a colleague to share duties with. I didn’t know who the other team’s players were, and I kept calling out to one of the players to appraise me of the bowlers and catchers.

But you always need luck to survive. I was doing computer scoring, doing the live feed, when a bowler’s name came up that wasn’t on my list. With nobody around to confirm or deny, I stopped the computer scoring. Then the ball got lost and the players took a while to retrieve it. During the delay, I walked onto the field and asked one of the team who this mystery player was. I returned to my post, resumed the live feed and got my equilibrium back.

It was hot work. The sun was shining directly into the box rendering it quite stuffy and uncomfortable. But I soldiered on, got the first innings out of the way. The two umpires, whom I know extremely well, were very appreciative of my efforts, along with our lads. One of the umpires actually asked the opposition to send one of their lads to the scorebox so I could fill in the batsmen’s names. This they duly did, and the opposition lads they sent round were very amicable, chatty and informative.

The result of the game? Well in 22 years with my club, this is the first time we have made it to the last 16! The last 16 in the whole country! Fantastic effort by the lads and it seemed as though the effort shattered them, as it was a scorching afternoon. With England winning the football 6-1 and the England cricket team winning 5-0, a fab day all round.

Again, alls well that ends well from my perspective. I worked the scoreboard, the book and the live computer scoring without hiccup. And I’m quite proud of that fact. And the appreciation was very welcome. I really am enjoying this season more than I have done for a very long time.

So in the last 16, the team have to travel down to West Sussex. But anything is possible! So looking forward to the next game.

See ya

A.S.D Brooks

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