Better Physical Health?

I do feel somewhat different after Tuesday’s blood withdrawal. Before I had rashes on my legs after a hot bath, and I scratched my legs to pieces, though a wild animal has scratched them.

Had a hot bath yesterday, no rashes, no scratching. Another facet is the fact I don’t feel so hot. I mean, the weather is hot and that does affect blood pressure, but the blood withdrawal has cooled my skin down so it’s not so irritating.

Also, there’s no dizzy spells, or blurred vision. I do feel a lot different. Whether it was the actual blood withdrawal or the brain thinking I feel better after the withdrawal. I’m not sure. But it is all welcome. I must thank the doctor who alerted the hospital into investigating why I didn’t feel too well on occasions. The real danger of blood clots, heart attacks or strokes has been averted, probably for a long while. That was the real worry. I don’t particularly want to be lying in a hospital bed being treated for something that can easily be preventable.

So all good physically. Pleased with that.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

44 year old adult living with Autism...