Getting the needle or You’re so vein??

Afternoon. Well it was time to have something called a venesection at the local hospital, to help investigate whether I have polythycemia.

It was actually quite painless, though I hate needles. One of the members of staff had trouble locating the vein on my left arm, in the centre of the elbow. Whether that was fright or the fact I was feeling hot and the vein had trouble coming to the surface, I don’t know.

But the ward sister found it ok and the needle was inserted. Needle? Massive great thing! But as it was going into the vein, I looked away. A twinge of pain and I was ok.

The whole process took five minutes. A pint of blood (500 ml in old money) was taken and I had to replenish with water to replace the water I’d lost. No problem at all and though I felt dizzy initially, that went off and I felt generally fine. The tourniquet that was applied over the wound was not quite doing it’s job as some blood escaped after the process had finished. But all good now.

A painless process as anyone that donates blood will tell you. I just hope they can work out from a pint of the stuff what is actually wrong with me. Apparently this is a one off for me, I don’t have to go back to repeat the process, hopefully that remains the case.

Just indoors cooling off now as it is rather a hot and stifling day in London Town. Despite a long journey home, all is well. No worries.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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