A winning start….just

Watching England play football at tournament level is a trial of nerve and patience. At times, I feel like not bothering to watch as the games can be stupefyingly boring and uninteresting.

Tonight had some of that boredom as England struggled their way to a 2-1 win over Tunisia at the World Cup. The first fifteen minutes, England were razor sharp and should have been three goals to the good. But we only had one goal to show for our efforts.

Then a soft, but in my opinion, correct penalty decision gave a poor Tunisia side a way back into the game. Then, after that penalty, the dreadfully incompetent South American referee, with the help of his equally useless Video Assistants, ruled that England’s Harry Kane had not been rugby tackled to the ground on two occasions. Consistency nowhere to be seen.

The second half was limp, lifeless and England just huffed and puffed to little effect, as usual. Then Kane popped up in injury time to head a priceless goal to give England a hard fought three points.

Verdict? A struggle. Always play badly against poor opponents. Always come down to their level. Next game is Panama, who have the same limited skill as Tunisia and had six players cautioned earlier versus Belgium. Massive improvements needed, but three points and let’s celebrate that fact. But things need to get a lot better from here.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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