Technical failures…caused by me!

Another day in the scorebox at cricket today. A chilly, dull day, but an excellent match to watch and be a part of. Well played by both teams and well umpired too by two good colleagues and friends of mine.

I tried the computer scoring again today. Best of intentions?……It was all going well until I made a mistake, and by the time I realised, it was too late to correct it and in the end, I switched the computer off and packed it away. So if anybody was tuning into the live scoring, apologies if it suddenly stopped. Your operator can’t concentrate very well and made a mistake.

But the good thing was, I was using the traditional pen and paper method, and with an excellent colleague giving me assistance, we got the score and all the requisite parts to add up eventually. That’s what counts. The live computer scoring is a bonus and I’m just experimenting and cocking it up! Ha ha.

What has been really good is that it’s been a fun weekend, with good colleagues and friends from the club and I feel right at home once again. Two excellent matches and an example in both into how the game should be played. No fuss, no bother, no showing off.

Just a nice two days. Good to be back.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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