Living in a Box….Living in a Scorebox….

To paraphrase a song from many years ago. Not a cardboard one! I think with the strong winds blowing today, both the scorers and scorebox would have disappeared over the horizon.

Good day. Not so for the team, who lost, but it was an entertaining game. I had a lot of things to keep me on my toes today. I had to operate the computerised scoreboard, do a scorebook as backup if anything failed, and a live feed to the local county League website, which updates scores as the play happens. So a lot of brain power to be used up. The first half went ok, but the live feed nearly went down in the second half, and that caused a few minor panics on my behalf. Thankfully, all was well that ended well, the score added up and all was ok.

I enjoyed the challenge of it, because if anything does go wrong, I’ve got four methods of cross checking for errors as I had a very able colleague doing the scoring for the opposition. We kept on top of the fast and furious action in the middle, but only just!

What was nice today was that a couple of the opposition recognised me from my umpiring days and though the umpiring may be off limits for a good while, maybe for good, this scoring is enjoyable. I’m involved and loving it. I’ve even picked myself up another scoring assignment tomorrow doing the honours for our very good and successful senior side. Looking forward to it.

Tired but happier with the day.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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