Hello barman, can I have a pint of blood please?

Further to the blood tests that I had the other day, the hospital rang me with the cheery news that my red blood cell count is still high and also the haemaglobin level is also on the high side.

So the next activity into piecing together what is going on with me physically at the moment is to send me to withdraw a pint of blood at the hospital next Tuesday. That will have the effect of reducing the red blood cells and the haemaglobin, I hope. The doctor won’t commit herself as to what the likely outcome of this will be, but this polythycemia is coming back onto the radar again. If they weren’t concerned, they wouldn’t be doing these blood tests and this drawing of a pint of blood. There’s something behind all this but what?

We shall see. So I’ll be a pint of blood down next Tuesday. I hope that process carries us further along the road into finding out what is wrong.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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