Calmness personified…

Ha ha! If only that was the case most of the time. This morning, rubbish pretty much would be an accurate description of how I felt.

This evening? Better. Probably having that time to rest and recuperate today has done me some good. Feel a bit more positive and looking forward to the weekend now, where hopefully I may be involved scoring wise at the cricket club on Saturday. Not counting my chickens, but at least some positivity is in the mindset. Certainly wasn’t this morning. The brain has woken up from it’s state of deadness.

It’s true I do have some things on my mind. The PIP assessment result being one, and the incident from the other day being another. I’ve had time to reflect and calm down from my state of seething anger the other day. Oh, I go through the whole range of emotions. Life makes me like that, plus ASD of course!

But if I don’t have anything to look forward to, then I’ll stay in for days. This is only a brief downturn. Mental exhaustion maybe. The brain is back in the game now and I’m ready to go again tomorrow. I certainly won’t be donating my brain to medical science after I shuffle off the mortal coil. Nobody will get much for the pile of mush that swims about inside my skull. A few pence maybe?!

A better evening.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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