Yesterday was an interesting day, as my last blog post no doubt explained.

It bordered on the embarrassing, and certainly made me quite angry. Though I do have a temper, it takes a fair amount to get my blood boiling, and what happened yesterday did that in no uncertain terms.

I won’t go into the incident here, but suffice it to say, the anger didn’t subside until I went to bed last night. The whole thing made me wonder why I actually bother doing certain things. Hopefully it can be resolved soon and resolved amicably. An unfortunate episode that I hope is an isolated incident.

Sorry I can’t go into more detail, but I’ve learnt a lesson not to name and implicate people on the blog. It was just another example of Autism Spectrum Disorder at it’s worst. And when I’m at my worst, I’m not a good person to be around.

A.S.D Brooks

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