Blood Donor?

Morning. On this very nice and warm summer’s day, I’ve been to the local hospital for more investigations to my red blood cell count. If you recall, I am having occasional dizzy spells and a blood test has revealed a higher than normal red blood cell count.

This can be known as polythycemia. The doctor I saw today wants to do further tests to see whether this is a possibility, or not. The process started with another needle being depressed into my left arm, to see whether the count is higher, stayed the same or has dropped.

Then there may be an ultrasound to see whether I have an enlarged spleen. If it is enlarged, that is a possible sign of polythycemia. Then further blood tests, known as genetic blood tests, to see whether the JAK-2 gene has malfunctioned, causing the high count.

If it comes back that the count is still high, then comes the treatment and management of the condition. Namely drawing a pint of blood from me on a monthly basis, and a nightly dose of aspirin to thin the blood. With this condition, there may be blood clots and that can cause heart attacks or strokes.

Also, they may do a bone marrow biopsy to complete the investigations. It is pointing in the direction of polythycemia at the moment, but the blood tests I had today will reveal whether that is the case or not. More watching and waiting.

It does make me wonder why there was no follow up Appointment in 2011 when I was admitted for three days. Nothing to say whether I have this condition or not. I could be living these last seven years completely unaware of it. We shall see.

With all this blood, I may audition for the next part of Dracula and move to Transylvania…..only joking.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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